От нищо не се страхувам. На нищо не се надявам. Свободен съм.

Животът принадлежи на смелите!


Make it easy for the prospect to buy.

Some people were saying that we have recession. But I decided not to join.

Do not put poison into your body…

People buy emotionally and then rationalize it…

Sometimes you need to back away so you can give this prospect ability to breathe.

You have to establish value before you give price.

Selling is a transfer of feelings.

You need to understand what your sales objective is. What kind of sale it is?

Give the prospect an ownership of the product…

Is the decision maker there?

Do you ask for referrals?

The best paid hard work in world is sales. The worst paid easy work in world is sales.

We should be doing business with people who we know, like and trust.


If you fail to plan your day, you plan to fail. You must have a specific plan and have a planned sales calls.

Be a performer in the morning and a manager in the evening.

Prepare him how much time is going to take…

I visualize success.

I EXPECT success.

We get paid on every single phone call.

People don't buy from people they don't respect.

What is the best time to call the prospect back?


Опростявай. Опростявай. Опростявай.


The sale process is not something you do TO somebody but something you do FOR somebody.

The more people you help, the more profit you make.


Change the value, not the price.

Convince by asking a lot of questions.

Do not exaggerate the value you give to your customers.

You must not oversell…

When prospect says he won't change his mind… give him new information…

When prospect says no… if they say yes, they have to admit they made a mistake… they made new decision based on new information…


A Great Sales Person understands that we sale FOR people, not TO people. We HELP people have what they want.

Professional asks a lot of questions.

Take care of your health every single day.

You can have everything in life if you help just enough people have what they want.

Don't smoke and drink while working.

People buy with the heart.

Professional is focused on the long term. Amateur is focused on the short term, it's about the relationship.

People do not buy facts… they buy solutions. They don't buy what the product is. They buy what the product does.

Words can make a dramatic difference. Talk BOLD. Talk professionally. Ние сме направени от това, което изричаме. Внимавайте какво изричате. Words do paint pictures. And the pictures should be the right ones.

You clean only the teeth you want to keep.

You have a moral obligation to sell if it's good for the client.

As sales people we must use ALL the strength we have, not only our own strength.

Objections are our friends - they show the prospect that they're interested.

You don't have to answer all objections.

All prospects want to be right.

The prospect really wants to be understood.

We should ALWAYS be prospecting.

He who answers the matter before he hears it… he is not wise.

Do you talk too much?

Do you miss the important things that the prospect is saying?

Record yourself talking sales..

THIS PRICE IS RIDICULUS! The price is… ridicules?

Even if they are wrong… let them finish whatever they say, let them get it off their chest.

It is all about the relationship. It is all about the reputation.

Professional is always on the grow.



Proven Positive Words:

  • Proven
  • Understand
  • Easy
  • Money
  • Health
  • Safety
  • New
  • Save
  • Discovery
  • Guaranteeed
  • Right
  • Results
  • Truth
  • Comfort
  • Proud
  • Profit
  • Deserved
  • Happy
  • Trust
  • Value
  • Fun
  • Vital
  • Security
  • You
  • Advantage
  • Positive
  • Benefits
  • Faith
  • Hope



Proven Negative Words:

  • Deal
  • Cost
  • Pay
  • Contract
  • Sign
  • Try
  • Worry
  • Lost
  • Lose
  • Hurt
  • Buy
  • Death
  • Bad
  • Sold
  • Price
  • Decision
  • Hard
  • Difficult
  • Obligation
  • Fail
  • Liability
  • Failure
  • Pitch
  • Profanity




High Class Men Attract, they do not chase.

Закон за даването и получаването: Ако давате нещо със сърце, то ще ви се върне стократно. Когато получавате блага, много е важно да ги споделите с обкръжаващите ви. Ако имате някакъв дар, а не го използвате,това оскърбява вашата божествена същност. Отнасяйте се почтително към способностите, които имате, и ги споделяйте с другите. Ако правите това, ще привлечете още много блага в живота си.

Закон за всеопрощаването: Ако не можете да прощавате на хората, вие няма да можете да приемете своето богатство. Ако вашата душа е запълнена с ненавист, за любовта няма да има място да влезе. Необходимо е да се избавите от отрицателните чувства, които ви угнетяват и не ви дават покой.


If you ask the right questions the prospect will tell you how to sell him

Don't talk down to your competition. Don't talk down to other people.


Work on you. For you.

Dress for business.

Dress for success.


Няма прости жени. Мъжете имат две глави. Жените имат една глава.

Believe in yourself, listen to your gut & do what you love!





  • A professional is knowledgeable and he is aggressively caring for his prospect. The professional does it with integrity and consistency.
  • Attitude + Effort + Skills
  • Believers are closers!
  • Closing is an attitude! Closing is not pressure.
  • Don't work for a paycheck - work for a dream! Change your mindset - how does your work bring you to your dream?
  • Selling is a transfer of feelings…
  • The key is enthusiasm… People who are enthusiastically sell much more than the others.
  • People always want to be understood…
  • Your business is never good or bad right there. Your business is good or bad right here between your ears… If you are thinking that is good and it is getting better - it will be that way :)
  • You should be dressed in such a way that the people you meet almost would not notice the way you are dressed. Dress properly…
  • To sell is to serve…
  • What would you prefer…
  • When they say no… they don't know enough to say yes, they don't know enough of the benefits that they will get.
  • You never try to close until you have been established value.
  • Mr. Prospect, did you sold yourself, or should I tell you more?
  • Mr. Prospect, can you see that this would save you some money? Are you interested into taking care of your health? If you're planning into taking care of your health, when would be the best time to start.
  • The fear of loss is greater than the desire to gain…
  • What is the number one in my business doing that allows them to run better and better?
  • We need to be smelling good. We need to smell clean and fresh.
  • Listen to your clients… A good listener is right there at t he top… listen deeply?
  • Many times people don’t buy because do not understand the product or the service, or they do not understand something about them…
  • There is not such sale as a small sale… It may become a large client starting from a small order.
  • What success is? Money, Freedom and Time Freedom, and Harmony, and a Family, Relationship, and Friends…
  • I like the things money can but I LOVE the things money can't buy - a home, a relationship…
  • Are you a PRICE company? Or maybe you are a VALUE company?
  • 5 years plan… what is your dream? I've planned my dream. Dreams need time and money. The Dream Alignment… Now you've got working for your dream… We don't need to be told but we need to be aligned.