Essential means editinig the non-essential

Cut-out options

Routinely cut the staff that is not essential

Set your boundaries. If not setting it – this is a sign of weakness.
Make execution effortless.
To attain knowledge – add things every day.To add wisdom – substract things every day.
Identify your slowest hiker.
Remove the slowest obstacle one be one.
Every day do something that will bring you to a better tomorrow.
Essentialist starts small, gets small wins and that way goes forward.
To do something big you have to start small.
How do you motivate employees? Achievement and recognition for achievement.
We’ve got to start small and build momentum.
Start small and point the progress.
Routine is a sign of ambition.
Be here and now.
A true Essentialist never does more than 1 thing at a time. Figure out what is the most important thing right now.
Get the future out of your head.
Less but better.
Fully absorb the way of the essentialist.
Don’t spread yourself too thin. That way you…