What makes your business unique?

What makes them chose you?


Call To Action -> Tell them what then can do once they click.

Call To Action must vary and must be available on your landing page.


Consider using sales and pricing information. People like to think they are getting a new deal.

Consider using sales and pricing information.

Match your ads to your keywords.

Match your ad to your landing page.


If people can't find what they are looking for - they will leave.

AdWords by default features your best ads.


Headline - 25 characters

Display url: 35 characters

Description lines: 35 characters.



Landing Pages - shows very specific information related to your product and keyword. Helps you track conversions.


How do we create a compelling landing page.

Use clean, organized, simple design. Landing page is the second stop in your customer journey.

Use concise headline ad copy.

Use testimonials. Use social proof to your advantage.

Match landing page copy with ad copy.

Tailor your landing page to a specific audience.

Test your landing page. You should refine these over time.


Kamen CTA!!!

Call to action should be above the scroll point. That's a good practice but that's not mandatory.


Display Ads occur alongside similar content on a participating website's page.


If the ads are getting clicks but customers are not converting, we need to adjust the website.

Make sure you incorporate negative keywords.

What stage are your customers in when they encounter your ad?

Prequalify your customers with your Ad Text.

Experiment with different bid amounts and budgets.

Test and optimize your ads for performance.


Bid Adjustments

Increase or decrease what are you willing to spend on bids based on specific time, locaiton, or device criteria.